The Jam Night Jukebox

Stone Cold FaceHeads Tribute Page

This section of the Jam Night Jukebox is dedicated to the memory of the three brothers known as the Stone Cold Faceheads. In particular, Greg, who tragically is no longer with us.

Most of this material was recorded in a basement or garage using a "boom box". Very raw, but very Jamming. To quote from a Rush song, we were "straining the limits of machine and man."

All songs written by my bros, Greg and Pat.

Special thanks to Chris B. for digitizing this stuff.

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Idiot Savant 1-12-1992. First of two versions. Just jamming man. Didn't play it (or just didn't record it in the previous session so we had to make up for it.
Idiot Savant2 1-12-1992. More like a revamp, reprise, slight return, whatever. We were just a jam band.
Great Divide2 1-12-1992. Great song, jamming. Another 2nd cut. Goes to show you don't even have to have a bunch of song if your just looking for the jamming experience. Good version though, semi-extended.
Drowned Inside 1-12-1992. One of my favorite Face Heads' songs. Brother Greg on the vocal (and writing credits). We miss you Greg. I know you're still jamming.
Face Heads' Blues 1-12-1992. Had to get this one out here right away. Complete improv.
Astronaut's Wife 1-12-1992 version.
Astronaut's Wife (post coda improv) 1-5-1992
Astronaut's Wife coda 1-5-1992, don't seem to have the actual song from this session
Cosmic Superstar 1-5-1992
Explain Me 1-5-1992
Funky Bass Song 1-5-1992
Goin' On Up 1-5-1992
Great Divide 1-5-1992
In The Wilderness 1-5-1992
Pretty Girls 1-5-1992
Shadow 1-5-1992
The Hinge 1-5-1992
The Sleeper 1-5-1992